Getting the Right Automotive Replacement Parts

Robots In a Car Factory

Automotive manufacturers are in an unenviable position to supply every automotive component that a motor vehicle is made of, not only for the vehicles they are currently manufacturing but also for the past models. Even though original equipment (OE) parts are the only dependable source of replacement components, there are other alternatives that, depending on your current situation, may be worth considering. If your car breaks down and you take it to the dealership’s service department for repairs, you can be certain you are getting original equipment (OE) vehicle components. On the other hand, if you take your vehicle to a private shop, you will most probably get aftermarket vehicle components. For automotive seating, click the link.

Is it wrong to use aftermarket car parts? Does a less expensive imply low quality? Aftermarket components are those components that are not sourced from the original automaker. Many automotive component manufacturing companies make components designed to function in a similar, or even better than the original components. It is estimated that 80% of private shops use aftermarket components. What are the advantages of using an aftermarket part? Refurbished car parts are less expensive, easily available, more variety, and same or even better quality as that of OEM. Here are the disadvantages of aftermarket vehicle parts; overwhelming options to choose from, the parts may not have warranty and varying qualities. Look for Automotive safety components now!

What are the advantages of OEM parts? It is a lot easier to choose your parts when it comes to OEM parts, the parts come with warranty, with OEM parts, you are assured of quality. The following are the disadvantages of OEM parts; they are more expensive, they are not easily accessible since they are bought at the dealership, and their quality may not be superior at all times. So when should you rely on OEM components? In case of collision repairs, see to it that you are getting OEM parts, refurbished body parts may not fit properly. Using refurbished automotive vehicle parts decreases a vehicle’s book value, therefore, if you use these parts to your vehicle’s body, you may use up part of your security deposit.

Therefore, which is the best way to go? The answer to this question lies with each individual. Refurbished parts are not made equal; however, OEM parts are. You realize that this fact creates a set of advantages and disadvantages. Those who are familiar with a given brand can save a lot of money by using aftermarket automotive parts. In cases where OEM parts are not accessible, or there are financial constraints, a refurbished part may be the best alternative.


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